5 and 6 liter Fraziskaner mini beer kegs

Franziskaner offers their mini beer kegs in two different formats, on one hand we have the unpressurized 5-liter Franziskaner keg, following party keg format, and in the other we have the pressurized 6-liter keg, following perfect draft format.

Franziskaner 5 and 6 liter kegs

As usual in unpressurized type of kegs, this keg has a spout at the bottom for the beer to come out naturally by gravity force. The pressurized version has a valve in the upper side that should be connected to a beer tap with the appropriate connector for the beer to come out.

To learn more about the difference between pressurized and unpressurized kegs (or casks) you can read this article.

The Franziskaner beer is easy to find in most European pubs, the most common format in this kind of establishments is the bottle format. You will recorgnize it by the Franciscan monk who appears on the label.

Franziskaner beer in bottle

Franziscaner beer is manufactured in three different variants: “Hell” is the best known normal wheat type, “Dunkel” is their black wheat beer version and “Kristall” which is the filtered sister of the “Hell” version.

The two barrels to which we refer in this article contains the “Hell” beer variant, which as we said is a wheat type beer or, technically speaking, weissbier.

This Franziskaner beer, with 5 degrees of alcohol, is translucent yellow with some turbidity, the turbidity is due to the fact of this beer being an unfiltered one. Well served it produces a dense foam crown which is very characteristic of this type of beer.

The Franziskaner beer produces a clear, penetrating aroma with a characteristic citrus tone. Meanwhile in the mouth it produces a soft, very slightly bitter taste that is usually quite tasty and comfortable for people that is only used to drink lager beer.

That is why a mini keg of Franziskaner beer is usually very good option for when you are going to share a keg with people not so fond of beer. It is an almost sure bet.

Finally I have to say that the appropriate glass for serving a Franziskaner beer is the one in the previous photo. Is with this type of glass when you can achieve the typical crown of foam that is recommended for this type of beers.

A 5 liter keg of Franziskaner beer (unpressurized) is possibly the second easier keg to find in most places of Europe only behind the Heineken one. It can be found in some supermarkets, and contrary to what happened with the Heineken keg the price per liter of beer from a Franziskaner keg is usually approximately equal to the price per liter buying the same amount beer in bottles.

Yet remember that beer on kegs is always tastier.

The keg 6 liter Franziskaner keg (pressurized) is more difficult to get. I’ve never seen it in any large supermarket and as far as I know the only option for getting it is to order it from a specialized Internet website.

If you need information on where to get either of these two kegs of beer, leave me a message in the comments and I will provide some links.

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      We are based in Europe and have a lot of information about European market. Sadly we don’t have relevant information about American Market.

      We are about to anounce the setting up of our exporting platform. Making use of our exporting platform companies based in America will be able to buy pallets of kegs from us. Minimum order is going to be one full pallet (about 60-120 kegs depending on the type of kegs selected), I know this is ussually not a solution for final customers.

      We are not able to retail sell kegs to america yet, due to the high costs of shipping small quanities of kegs from Europe.

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