Affligem mini beer keg

Affligem mini beer keg is offered in 5 liter pressurized format, this format is known as beertender and is the format in which the Heineken mini beer kegs are offered.

Affligem mini beer keg

This means that the keg is equipped with a valve on top of the barrel to be connected to a beer tap with the appropriate connector. The beer will then raise to the dispenser due to the pressure of the pressurized gas.

If you want to read more about keg and cask barrel types you can follow this link.

Affligen mainly sells three types of beer: blonde, double, or triple. They are all abbey beer following Belgian quality standards.

At present days this type of beer is produced in industrial facilities outside of abbeys, however, according to Belgian law, brewers who want to make an abbey type beer must follow strict manufacturing standards. Also if they want to use a monastery name as brand for their beer, they must license the use of the beer recipe of the monastery and pay royalties the right to use it.

As expected this beer is called Affligem due to Affligem abbey which is located 6 kilometers away from Opwijk. Affligem current beer recipe is owed to Father Tobias Vergauwen.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this beer is the double and triple fermentation that is used in “Dubbel” and “Tripel” varieties, those fermentations are achieved by adding sugar and brewer’s yeast to the already fermented beer for raising alcohol content. Thus “tripel” beer reaches 8.5 degrees.

Affligem keg contains blonde beer type. This beer is golden blonde and has the characteristic consistent foam typical from abbey beers.

The beer has a dried tomato and banana aroma and a spicy taste due to the carbon dioxide.

This type of beer should be served between 4 and 6 Celsius in a chalice type glass while trying to reach two fingers of foam. The beer should be consumed slowly as it gains flavor while reaching higher temperatures.

Affligem keg is quite common in French and Belgium supermarkets. Outside from those countries you will probably need to contact a specialized beer shop for finding it.

If you need help locating Affligem keg please leave a comment on the website and we will try to provide a link to a store that sells it.

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    1. Hi Johnny,

      I’m sorry that as far as I know this product is not available in US. In deed this keg is almost imposible to find out of Belgium and France.

      I just opened a shop in Spain and I’m trying to get those kegs. If all goes well I will try to sell the kegs out of spain, but I’m afraid exporting to the US might be hard. Anyway, I will keep you all updated and will do my best for selling those kegs in the US.

      Shipping is going to be a pain though.

      Best regards,


  1. I was wondering if much has changed since 2016 as far as importing Perfect Draft kegs to the U.S.? I was interested in buying the Perfect Draft machine as well as there are a few different brands I would not mind importing the 6L Kegs of.

    However, I just wonder if it would be worth all the hassle, and if I would be better off sticking to importing bottles instead? The main reason I was interested in the kegs is because I have had broken bottles before, and figured the kegs might be more sturdy and possibly a better value for my money.

    Not sure what my best option would be in this case, so I was hoping you might be able to give me a better idea of what my options are.

    1. Hi Patrik,

      I doubt there is much change on this topic. AB-Inbev strategy on Perfect Draft is still focused on Europe. I believe its hard to move it elsewere due to the short BBDs of the kegs (they are printed with only 6 months BBD and you ussually cant get them (in europe) with more than 3-4 months).

      I’m sorry there is no clear solution yet.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I’ll probably just stick to importing bottles, I always hate having the chance of a few breaking, but it is just easier overall.

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