Becks mini beer keg, 5 liter party keg and 6 liter perfect draft keg.

Becks offers mini beer kegs in party and Perfect draft format. Those barrels are 5 liter unpressurized keg and 6 liter pressurized keg respectively. These formats are the ones in which InBev business group breweries offers their beers in kegs.

Being an unpressurized keg, the party keg operates by gravity, therefore it has a spigot at the bottom of the keg and an air inlet in the upper size. Beer arises from the lower spigot and therefore the keg doesn’t need any external tap or tool.

Becks mini keg

Perfect Draft kegs are pressurized beer kegs, this means that they include a pressurized CO2 tank that allows the beer to arise through a valve at the top. This pressurization allows the barrel to be connected to a beer tap with the appropriate connector (Compatible with Perfect Draft kegs).

Becks perfect draft mini keg

If you want to know more about the differences between pressurized and non-pressurized kegs please visit this link. To learn more about the types of kegs on the market (Beertender, Perfect Draft and party) please visit this other link.

Becks Premium Lager is a German beer of widespread consumption nationwide. The beer is also widely consumed worldwide, being, in fact, the German beer most consumed worldwide. Its main consuming countries are the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Romania and Russia.

There is a large controversy regarding the quality and taste of this, it seems that the Becks beer is sold in different countries having been produced in different breweries using different recipes to suit local tastes.

In fact Becks has lost a trial in the United States for which he had to pay $ 50 to all Beck’s consumers that had a proof of purchase because the labeling of beer was misleading and seemed to offer a German beer when in fact the beer was produced in the United States in the same brewers than Bud beer.

Currently the in the US Beck’s beer is alveled as being a product of the United States.

The tasting notes included in this article refers to the Beck’s beer sold in Germany, ie the original.

Becks beer is a lager beer, which implies that it is a bottom-fermented lager, usually these beers are best served cold.

This beer is exactly like that except for the fact that it has more flavor than the usual lager beer.

Visually Becks beer is pale yellow, this is the typical tone of lager beer except that maybe this beer is slightly darker than its competitors within the same category. In the nose we find more or less the same story, a soft malt aroma slightly stronger than some of its competitors as Carlsberg and Heineken.

In mouth Becks lager beer offer a strong and persistent taste that icludes the flavor of malt and hops, leaving in our mouth a trace of bitterness.

Becks beer has 5 degrees of alcohol, so it’s not a beer with a particularly high ranking.

Becks also offers its Becks Gold beer in keg format. This is a golden yellow beer of pale color and fresh scent with soft shades of lemon.

In mouth this is a refreshing beer mild taste that leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth.

In summary, although this beer has the same alcohol content as her sister, Becks Gold is a easier to drink lager beer ideal for sharing with people that doesn’t like strong beers.

Becks beer kegs are hard to find in, in most countries you will have to resort to specialized online shops. But they are relatively easy to find in large German large surfaces.

If you need help locating these kegs please write a comment on the website and we will leave a link to stores that sell it.

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