Beer keg types: party, Beertender and Perfect Draft specializes in everything related to domestic beer kegs, ie beer kegs from 5 to 6 liters. Almost all barrels within this range fall within “party”, “Beertender” and “Perfect Draft” types.

Beer kegs, party, beertender and perfect draft

Knowing the type of mini keg that you are acquiring is important to know whether the keg is compatible with our beer tap and to know what is the right method to get rid of it once you have consumed the content.

It is important to know that very few shops are aware of any kind of keg classification, so even if you ask in a specialized establishment, you may get any useful guidance about which kegs are of a particular type, so it’s better to have a clear idea about this before reaching the shop.

When buying a beer tap is important to check that it is compatible with the type of kegs we want to use it with.

Party mini kegs.

These barrels are the easiest option when buying a beer keg since they require no outside elements for working. Fiesta kegs have a spigot at the bottom of the keg and a valve for the air inlet at the top. Beer arises from the bottom tap due to gravity and therefore it does not require gas or any outside tool or tap for operation.

The counterpart of these barrels is that the absence of pressure inside the keg allows the diluted gas to quickly scape, which means these barrels must be consumed quickly once opened (throughout the day) or you’ll lose much of its foam.

Hence the name “party”, they are intended for consumption during a party.

A further drawback of these barrels is that they are not compatible with a beer tap, which somehow takes away part of the fun of serving beer.

These barrels are recyclable, which means we can get rid of them just leaving them in the recycling bin containers (check local recycling regulations). While doing so we must adopt the simple precaution of leaving the lower spigot and the upper valve tap in “open” position to allow the air scape the barrel. At some point of the recycling process the barrel could be compressed and if that happens and the taps are closed it might explode.

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Beertender mini kegs.

The Beertender keg is a 5 liter pressurized keg with a special design patented by the Heineken group in collaboration with the company Krups. This means that the barrel is available only for beers that are integrated within this business group.

Being a pressurized barrel means that it has a device inside containing pressurized gas to be liberated as you are emptying the barrel for keeping the inside pressure.

Therefore, the beer, rather than arising from a spigot at the bottom of the keg, it exists the keg from a valve at the top. Operating this kind of barrels requires an appropriate connector compatible with this type of kegs, Heineken provides a compatible plastic connector to pull the beer so even if we do not have a beer tap we can always consume these barrels at a party with friends.

But the biggest advantage of these kegs against party kegs is precisely that it can be connected to a compatible beer tap and enjoy the act of serving beer as a professional.

An additional advantage is that, by keeping the pressure inside the gas, the beer diluted gas has more difficulties to escape, so the keeps the beer gas (and thus the foam) for a longer period of time. Heineken ensures that once opened the barrel maintains pressure for about 30 days.

However, in my experience, the actual number of days depends heavily on the beer tap we are using (beer tap connectors usually let a minor amount of gas to constantly escape). Depending on the quality of the beer tap, the beer gas might last between 5 and 14 days in perfect conditions. If we disconnect the keg from the connector having it half empty we can expect the keg to maintain their properties properly up to a week.

These type of kegs are also recyclable, so you can get rid of them in a recycling container (again check local recycling regulations). But before you do have to take at least one caution: you must leave the keg completely empty of pressurized gas.

The problem is that at some point in the recycling process the keg will be opened, if it still has pressurized gas it might cause a problem.

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Perfect Draft mini kegs.

Perfect Draft kegs are 6 liters capacity pressurized kegs with a design patented by InBev in collaboration with Philips. InBev is a bussiness group compentence of Heineken and as far as I know it only provides its 6L mini kegs to the bussiness group breweries.

Heineken issued InBev for patent infringement in the development of their Perfect Draft mini kegs, but the courts stated that no infringement was made, so currently there is no risk of having this kegs removed from the market.

As in the case of Beertender kegs, being pressurized kegs, beer arises from the top of the keg via a valve for which a compatible connector is required. This means that the Perfect draft kegs maintain the same essential advantages as Beertender kegs: You can enjoy the act of serving beer as a professional and it maintain the beer diluted gas in better condition than the party kegs.

On this last point we have to say that Philips states that, once opened, the keg keep the beer gas for 30 days. In my experience these kegs keeps the gas better than the Beertender kegs, although as in the previous case if we keep the barrel connected to the beer tap the duration of the beer gas will depend more on the beer tap quality (due to gas leaks) than in the keg itself. If you disconnect the keg from the tap it will last longer than the Beertender keg in perfect conditions.

Perfect Draft kegs are recyclable and reusable. Being recyclable means that we can get rid of them in the recycling bin (again check local recycling regulations) taking the same precautions as with Beertender kegs, ie making sure that we have completely emptied the pressurized gas.

Being reusable means that at the time of purchase of the price per barrel we must pay a deposit (usually 5 or 6 €) which will be refunded if you return the keg to the seller (which is forced to accept delivery and return the deposit money).

These barrels would then be forwarded to the manufacturer, cleaned and refilled to put them back into circulation.

This procedure is enforced by European standards (check for other countries regulations regarding this issue) for environmental concerns among other issues. This means that, if we return the keg to the factory, Perfect draft kegs are cleaner than Beertender or party kegs environmentally speaking.

However, although the procedure works well when dealing with establishments connected to the distribution lines, it does not work so well with domestic users because the cost of shipping the keg to the seller are paid by the customer and therefore sending the keg back to the seller might be more expensive than the deposit that would be returned.

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