Beertender beer brands list

Beertender kegs are 5 liter pressurized mini kegs supplied by Heineken group. This keg has been developed by Krups company.

Being a pressurized kegs means that it contains a small CO2 pressurized container that keep the maintains inside pressure and allows the beer to arise through an upper valve. Thus this barrel is compatible with beer taps with the adequate connector. If you want to know more about mini keg types please visit this link.

Here you have the complete list of available beertender kegs that you can find in the market. Heineken business group does not offers their kegs to breweries not belonging to the group, so you will be only able to find Heineken group brand beers in Beertender kegs. In any case, it is possible that in the future the list of available brands growth.

If you find any missing brand of beer that could be found in Beertender kegs, please let us know though a comment and we will add it to the list as soon as possible.

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    1. Dear Thirsty (LoL),

      I’m sorry I wont be able to help you, I’m european and I know pretty well the european options but I really don’t know anything about the US market.

      Sorry. Yet I will keep my eyes open and will let you know if I get some new information.

      On a side not I’m intending to set up a shop in this site since getting this kind of kegs in Europe is not easy either. I doubt I will be able to ship to US due to export laws and such, but will check if there is any option to send the kegs there.

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  1. I can not find Heineken 5L kegs for my Krups Beertender. How do
    I find a store that stocks them? located in MN 55112

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