Heineken mini beer keg

Today we start beerminikeg.com reviews of mini beer kegs with the Heineken 5 liter pressurized keg, this keg format is known as beertender format.

Heineken beer keg

The reason we start with the Heineken keg is that is the first keg I bought, and therefore the one that introduced me to the wonderful world of beer kegs. We can say that it has the honor of being the responsive of this blog existence.

Heineken is a Dutch beer brand that claims to be producing beer according to the same recipe since 1873. The recipe was created by Gerard Heineken and nowadays is one of the European beer icons.

This beer is lager type, which means it is a smooth and very easy to drink beer which should be served very cold. It’s the kind of beer served in bars in southern countries of Europe.

From a taste point of view, the Heineken beer is a limpid lager with very low turbidity. In the nose you can find herbal touches while in mouth you will find mild hop flavor with a slight bitterness at the end.

Heineken offers the beer in a 5 liter pressurized keg. This means that a barrel contains air to the beer to come out from the upper valve. This is the type of barrels normally found in pubs. To learn more about the barrels pressurized and unpressurized type you can read this article.

The keg comes equipped with a small plastic tap to pull beer, this tap is usually compatible with most other pressurized barrels available in the market and has an indicator on the side where you can see if the keg beer is at the right temperature for consumption (rather cold ).

Typically this barrel is going to be more expensive than buying the same amount of beer in cans or bottles, for example, a pack of 18 cans of beer (6 liters) of Heineken in Carrefour (Spain) costs just under 10 euros, while a 5 liter barrel on site costs just under 16 euros.

At the end the liter of beer in the keg cost almost double than the one in cans. (At the time of writing).

So where is the advantage on buying the keg?

The main reason is that the keg of Heineken will easily become the soul of barbecues and summer parties. The reason is that, a keg of beer, is an interesting way to make the difference and turn an event in something more exclusive than if we buy cans of beer.

But there are more reasons:

The first is that the beer foam is always better from a keg than from a can. This is important for beer lovers.

The second is that as fans of mini beer kegs know, the beer that comes from a keg is always tastier. There’s actually a strange effect on the issue of beer that makes a larger container of beer always being tastier than the same beer in a smaller container.

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6 thoughts on “Heineken mini beer keg

    1. Dear Gary,

      NC stands for Notrh Carolina right?.

      If that is the case, I’m sorry I wont be able to help you, we are based in Europe and I’m not really aware of US market.

      Yet I have some information that might interest you: Heineken group is retiring Beertender mini-keg format. We expect it to disapear completelly in about 2-3 years, eac year being more dificult to find the kegs (and with less brands available).

      They are instead moving for a 2L format called “Torp” and its beer dispenser “the sub”. Which in my opinion is not really a mini keg.

      Sorry to give you these bad news.

  1. Tesco have the 5L heinekens in stock , these are a limited edition in so much as heineken have not decided how long they will be producing/supplying them

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