How to serve a beer with little foam in beer (I): mini keg care.

A lot of people who buy a mini beer keg for the first time has a bad experience with it because they get too much foam in their beers.

This has happened to us all, but there are ways to minimize the amount of foam that we get from the mini keg.

There are two reasons why too much foam might be obtained from a beer tap. The first is that the mini keg might have too much pressure, the second is that we are serving the beer wrongly and therefore generating excessive foam.

I will soon write a second article to address the issue of serving a beer with little foam, but today we will talk about how to care for the barrel so it arrives in perfect condition.

It is possible to obtain too much foam because the mini keg having more pressure than adequate. Unless we are using it with an external pressurization system, it is very rare to have excess pressure because a manufacturing problem for Beertender and Perfect Draft kegs and this is almost impossible for the party type kegs.

Most often, the excess pressure is due to have shaken the keg recently before serving the beer.

To avoid this, it is better to take some precautions.

– Try to cool the mini keg upright. Either in the refrigerator or using ice, it is best to let it cool in the position where it will be used. This will avoid having to flip it right out of the fridge.

– Try to cool it near where it will be consumed. The idea is to minimize the time that we will be moving so we reduce the shaking time during the trip.

– When you move treat it as if it was a bomb. Beertender and Perfect Draft mini beer kegs have handles to grab, these handles ask you to carry a keg of beer in each hand demonstrating that you can carry 5 or 6 kilos of weight in each hand. This is a bad idea, it’s best to embrace a single keg with both arms and transport it as vertical as possible minimizing shaking it as much as possible.

– Allow the keg to rest for a while before pulling the first beers. Just leave where it is going to be consumed and let it sit for a while before start serving beers. How long is “a while”?, simply acts with a little forethought, if you are going to use to have lunch at 1 P.M, Just try to have the keg in the cane half an hour before. Just try to leave it in the keg hollow of your tapping system so it heats the minimum possible.

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