Leffe 6 liter mini beer kegs

Leffe offers its selection of mini beer kegs in the 6 liter pressurized format.

Leffe mini beer kegs

These 6 liter kegs follows the “perfect draft” standard, which means they have a valve at the top for the output of beer and therefore you will need a beer tap with a compatible connector to operate it.

Perfect darft kegs are pressurized kegs, which means they do not need an injection of external gas for it to work.

If you want to know more about the types of barrels you can read this article.

Leffe offers a wide range of beers types in mini keg format. This range includes the Leffe Blond, Leffe Bruin and Leffe Ruby. All of them are abbey style beer.

Leffe Blond variety beer is a Belgian pale ale beer, it has a soft golden color and introduces hints of vanilla and cloves aromas, this beer tastes as expected for a typical abbey beer. It reaches an alcohol content of 6.6 degrees.

On the other hand, Leffe Bruin, has only 6.5 degrees of alcohol content and is a dark Belgian ale. It has a deep brown color and has the slightly caramelized taste of traditional Belgian abbey beer. This beer has aromas of spice and caramel mainly.

Even though alcohol graduation is slightly lower than Leffe Blond, Leffe Bruin beer is denser in the mouth so apparently it is heavier that his blond sister. This means that Leffe Blond is usually easier to drink specially for people not used to strong tasting beers.

Finally Leffe Ruby variety is a gamble for Leffe brand. This beer is macerated with berries in order to achieve an elegant beer suited for special occasions. The obtained beer is quite sweet and of amber color, logically, the dominant aromas and tastes for these beer are those typical of berries. The beer has a graduation of 5 degrees, which makes it the lowest alcohol graduation for Leffe mini keg beer selection.

As we previously mentioned, the three varieties of Leffe beer we ??can find in kegs are abbey style beers, which means that they should be served between 4 and 6 degrees in chalice glasses trying to reach two fingers of foam.

In this type of beer is expected to be consumed slowly so it has a chance to reach higher temperatures gaining in flavor and aromas as it warms.

Leffe Blond kegs are not an easy to find kegs, in fact I have just located them in specialized online shops. Leffe Ruby and Leffe Bruin kegs are even more difficult to find because their demand is lower and therefore, even specialized shops, often do not have this type of barrels in stock or even cataloged.

If you need help locating these barrels please write a comment on the website and I’ll leave a link to stores that sell them.

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