List of all brands with Perfect Draft mini beer kegs.

The Perfect Draft mini beer kegs are 6 liter pressurized kegs provided by business group InBev. The keg has been developed by InBev in collaboration with Philips. If you want to know more about keg types, please follow this link.

Being a pressurized kegs implies that Perfect Draft kegs has a valve in the upper side for extracting the beer. This means that the keg can be used with a domestic beer tap assuming that it has a compatible connector.

In the moment of writing this lines this is the complete list of available Perfect Draft kegs. It is possible that this list growths in the future. If you know and Perfect Draft beer keg not listed here, please leave us a comment in this article.

Special editions:

  • Christmas Leffe Perfect Draft 6l
  • Diekirch Christmas Perfect Draft 6l
  • Leffe Royale mount-Hood – Winter edition Perfect Draft 6l
  • Leffe Spring Perfect Draft 6l

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