Newcastle mini beer keg

Newcastle keg beer is offered in 5 liter pressurized kegs of BeerTender format. Beertender is the Heineken patented mini kegs, and therefore is the format in which all Heineken group beers are offered.

Newcastle mini beer keg

As stated in past articles, being a pressurized keg means that a specific connector is required for operating the keg. All Beertender kegs are sold with a plastic tap that is enough to serve the beer although is not the same experience than serving the beer using your own beer tap.

If you own a beer tap and want to use your Newcastle keg with it you must ensure that your beer tap is compatible with Beertender kegs.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of pressurized and unpressurized beer barrels (Kegs and casks) please visit this link. To learn more about Heineken Beertender kegs and about other keg formats available you can visit this other link.

Newcastle only offers its flagship beer in keg format, this is the Newcastle Brown Ale. This beer, which became the most widely distributed alcoholic beverage in England during the 80s, was created after 3 years of development by Jim Porter in 1927.

This beer is worldly essentially distributed in bottle format, making it difficult to find this beer in any other format, even Newcastle draft is difficult to find in British pubs. Possibly the Newcastle mini kegs might be your best option if you want to drink this beer from beer taps.

Newcastle Beer tastes as the typical British ale, yet its flavor is soft compared to other beers of the same type, meaning that this is an easy to drink beer. In deed this is the usual characteristic of many Heineken group beers, which looks for easy to drink beers that could pleas a wide audience.

From a tasting point of view, Newcastle beer is brown or dark amber color with a slight carbonation and caramel and grape mild odor.

In short: It’s a good beer to introduce others to the English ales, to share a English ale with a group of people not fond of strong beers or for personal consumption of ale on a domestic beer tap (not many available out there).

Newcastle Brown should be consumed in a Wellington glass of 340 milliliter capacity. Yet Newcastle bottles includes 550 ml (an English pint) so it is not possible to completely empty a bottle into the glass, the idea is that the client should recharge the glass from time to time to regenerate the beer foam.

Newcastle wellington glass

If instead we serve this beer from a mini keg then we can forget about this problem and simply serve the amount that best suits our rate of consumption.

I have been unable to locate Newcastle kegs in any establishment, so, so far, the only way I know to acquire these barrels is through Internet specialized shops.

If you need help locating these barrels please write a comment on the website and I’ll leave a link to stores that sell them.

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  1. where (what stores sell them) can I buy the newcastle mini beer keg – 5 liter in or near my zip code 75070 (McKinney,Texas)

    1. You located in US?

      If that is the case… I have read someone spoted a pink unicorn in Las Vegas, ¡Good luck!. 😉

    1. Heineken is removing the Beertender mini kegs from market, so it might be hard to find them right now.

      There are only 2 brands remaining (as far as I know):

      – Heineken itself, which might be found in supermarkets
      – Krombacher Which is not a brand owned by Heineken but has the beertender format licensed for their beer. You can find this on (I believe this year you have Krombacher pils and Krombacher Landbier available).

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