Beertender and Perfect Draft taps

mini beer kegs for home

Having your own beer kegs at home and serve some beers using your own beer tap is one of the most recurrent luxuries between male preferences.

Doing this is possible since Heineken group launched its keg 5-liter pressurized Beertender system. Soon after followed the Inbev group with its Perfect Draft 6 liter pressurized kegs.

In this article we will discuss what do you need to know about these devices and the most frequent questions about them in an attempt to help you choose between one beer tap or the other.

So: What do you need to know when buying a beer tap?

Beertender and Perfect Draft taps

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Beertender beer brands list

Beertender kegs are 5 liter pressurized mini kegs supplied by Heineken group. This keg has been developed by Krups company.

Being a pressurized kegs means that it contains a small CO2 pressurized container that keep the maintains inside pressure and allows the beer to arise through an upper valve. Thus this barrel is compatible with beer taps with the adequate connector. If you want to know more about mini keg types please visit this link.

Here you have the complete list of available beertender kegs that you can find in the market. Heineken business group does not offers their kegs to breweries not belonging to the group, so you will be only able to find Heineken group brand beers in Beertender kegs. In any case, it is possible that in the future the list of available brands growth.

If you find any missing brand of beer that could be found in Beertender kegs, please let us know though a comment and we will add it to the list as soon as possible.

Newcastle mini beer keg

Newcastle mini beer keg

Newcastle keg beer is offered in 5 liter pressurized kegs of BeerTender format. Beertender is the Heineken patented mini kegs, and therefore is the format in which all Heineken group beers are offered.

Newcastle mini beer keg

As stated in past articles, being a pressurized keg means that a specific connector is required for operating the keg. All Beertender kegs are sold with a plastic tap that is enough to serve the beer although is not the same experience than serving the beer using your own beer tap.

If you own a beer tap and want to use your Newcastle keg with it you must ensure that your beer tap is compatible with Beertender kegs.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of pressurized and unpressurized beer barrels (Kegs and casks) please visit this link. To learn more about Heineken Beertender kegs and about other keg formats available you can visit this other link.

Newcastle only offers its flagship beer in keg format, this is the Newcastle Brown Ale. This beer, which became the most widely distributed alcoholic beverage in England during the 80s, was created after 3 years of development by Jim Porter in 1927.

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Beer kegs, party, beertender and perfect draft

Beer keg types: party, Beertender and Perfect Draft specializes in everything related to domestic beer kegs, ie beer kegs from 5 to 6 liters. Almost all barrels within this range fall within “party”, “Beertender” and “Perfect Draft” types.

Beer kegs, party, beertender and perfect draft

Knowing the type of mini keg that you are acquiring is important to know whether the keg is compatible with our beer tap and to know what is the right method to get rid of it once you have consumed the content.

It is important to know that very few shops are aware of any kind of keg classification, so even if you ask in a specialized establishment, you may get any useful guidance about which kegs are of a particular type, so it’s better to have a clear idea about this before reaching the shop.

When buying a beer tap is important to check that it is compatible with the type of kegs we want to use it with.

Party mini kegs.

These barrels are the easiest option when buying a beer keg since they require no outside elements for working. Fiesta kegs have a spigot at the bottom of the keg and a valve for the air inlet at the top. Beer arises from the bottom tap due to gravity and therefore it does not require gas or any outside tool or tap for operation.

The counterpart of these barrels is that the absence of pressure inside the keg allows the diluted gas to quickly scape, which means these barrels must be consumed quickly once opened (throughout the day) or you’ll lose much of its foam.

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Affligem mini beer keg

Affligem mini beer keg

Affligem mini beer keg is offered in 5 liter pressurized format, this format is known as beertender and is the format in which the Heineken mini beer kegs are offered.

Affligem mini beer keg

This means that the keg is equipped with a valve on top of the barrel to be connected to a beer tap with the appropriate connector. The beer will then raise to the dispenser due to the pressure of the pressurized gas.

If you want to read more about keg and cask barrel types you can follow this link.

Affligen mainly sells three types of beer: blonde, double, or triple. They are all abbey beer following Belgian quality standards.

At present days this type of beer is produced in industrial facilities outside of abbeys, however, according to Belgian law, brewers who want to make an abbey type beer must follow strict manufacturing standards. Also if they want to use a monastery name as brand for their beer, they must license the use of the beer recipe of the monastery and pay royalties the right to use it.

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Heineken Keg

Heineken mini beer keg

Today we start reviews of mini beer kegs with the Heineken 5 liter pressurized keg, this keg format is known as beertender format.

Heineken beer keg

The reason we start with the Heineken keg is that is the first keg I bought, and therefore the one that introduced me to the wonderful world of beer kegs. We can say that it has the honor of being the responsive of this blog existence.

Heineken is a Dutch beer brand that claims to be producing beer according to the same recipe since 1873. The recipe was created by Gerard Heineken and nowadays is one of the European beer icons.

This beer is lager type, which means it is a smooth and very easy to drink beer which should be served very cold. It’s the kind of beer served in bars in southern countries of Europe.

From a taste point of view, the Heineken beer is a limpid lager with very low turbidity. In the nose you can find herbal touches while in mouth you will find mild hop flavor with a slight bitterness at the end.

Heineken offers the beer in a 5 liter pressurized keg. This means that a barrel contains air to the beer to come out from the upper valve. This is the type of barrels normally found in pubs. To learn more about the barrels pressurized and unpressurized type you can read this article.

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